workplace violence prevention report

Workplace violence includes more than physical assault and active-shooter scenarios, and OSHA reports that, on average, a non-court settlement will cost you $500K, while a jury verdict will suck between $2-3 MILLION from your bottom line!

Learn How to Really Protect Yourself and Your People Against Workplace Violence!

Written especially for concerned, forward-thinking, and proactive HR, facilities, and operations leaders, this report will help you void the misconceptions and "backwards thinking" commonly passed around by so many in the business world today.

In it, internationally-recognized security and personal protection specialist, Jeffrey M.Miller, not only explains what these false-beliefs are, but also exposes some of the missing elements in most workplace violence plans, policies, and training; and then gives you an 8 Phase Strategic Outline to cover your bases and make sure you and your people are as safe as possible.

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